About Dynaveil

We would still be living in darkness without the invention of electrical power generation. Still there are many aspects of “modern living” that need advancing. While almost all car windows are electrically operated, most window coverings, such as curtains, blinds, shutters, etc. are manually operated. The team behind Dynaveil has been delivering solutions for window covering automation since 2002. Over the years, we have worked closely with leading international companies in developing various automation products that have been installed in many projects around the world, many of which were prestigious and significant in scale.

Now, the vision is for motorised blinds to not just be reserved for luxury and large-scale projects, but to also be available to a broader range of applications so that much more people in our society can enjoy its benefits. For any commercial building, and most residential dwellings, there is little reason to not consider motorised window coverings today. That is because, much like the shift to electric power windows in all passenger cars, traditional cost constraints can be largely overcome through the innovative application of new technologies.

After years of development, Dynaveil has come up with some fundamental solutions in order to meet the requirements of making motorisation more accessible to a broader market. Focusing around reducing overall project costs for the client without sacrificing performance, we have come up with systems that simplify the ways in which power and control is delivered to the location of the window. We look forward to working with you in bringing New Generation Blinds to your project and to share the benefits of modern technologies with the wider community.

Alex Liu

Founder and Managing Director

Dynaveil Pty Ltd

Dynaveil Factory